Harness the power of sponsorship

to connect brands with consumer passions

and build communities

T1 Partnership Marketing creates exciting sponsorship opportunities for brands to align with properties that provide strong partnership value, tell stories that appeal to unique audiences, engage audiences at the grassroots level, and realize a measurable business and social impact.

Sponsorship Is About:

Borrowing Equity

  • > Corporations and brands recognize the power of sponsorship affiliations.
  • > Sponsorable properties and organizations have equity that is valuable to corporations.
  • > For corporations, sponsorship adds meaning and helps validate their brand.

Telling Stories

  • > Every brand is a story.
  • > We tell sponsors' stories.
  • > We help position properties as a platform for telling stories.

Engaging Stakeholders

  • > An event isn't just an event - it's a declaration of values, commitments and goals.
  • > Activation is a proven path to consumer engagement and commitment.
  • > Sponsorship activation can increase consumer purchase intent 475%.*
    * Source: IMI International

Seeing Measurable Results

  • > We quantify the value of a sponsee's audience to a sponsor.
  • > We provide metrics that reflect breadth and width of engagement.
  • > Sponsors realize a measurable business and societal impact.

Building Your Career

  • > Because you believe in sponsorship, you understand the power of win-win.
  • > We'll work with you to help you achieve your goals.
  • > Invest in sponsorship, build communities, and watch your career grow.